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About us

Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME) is a group within the Labour Party.

Underpinning our work is a drive for peace and justice in the Middle East based on the principles of international law and human rights.

We promote support for Palestine in Parliament, with the Frontbench, and in the party and country more widely.

What we do

LFPME works closely and regularly with our MPs to keep them up to date, share briefings, and host events both inside and outside of Parliament.

We coordinate Parliamentary activity on Palestine and work in partnership with the wider advocacy and NGO movement.


At Labour Party Conference we host a fringe panel event every year as well as our Annual Palestine Reception.

Where we stand

You can find more information about where we stand and what we campaign on here:

Parliamentary Supporters

We are proud to have a wide range of MPs as our Parliamentary Supporters. You can find a full list on our Parliamentary Supporters page.


In recent months, much of our work has been focused on the devastating events in Gaza. From the start of this crisis we have made 5 clear and urgent calls:


Immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.


Immediate ceasefire by all parties.


Unrestricted humanitarian access to Gaza.


Proactive upholding of international law, with appropriate investigation and accountability for breaches.


A serious and concerted reinvigoration of international efforts for a Two-state solution.

H.E. Ambassador Dr Husam Zomlot, Palestinian Ambassador to the UK:

“LFPME has been a powerful voice for peace and justice for Palestine within the UK Parliament and wider society. LFPME plays a fundamental role in furthering the understanding and support for the question of Palestine and seeking to uphold international law.


We are immensely grateful for LFPME’s achievements in influencing policies such as those relating to the recognition of the State of Palestine, support for renewed funding to UNRWA, and calling for the end to the illegal blockade of Gaza.”

Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Husam Zomlot, wearing a suit and smiling at the camera

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